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Overview of Both Matches:

The breakdown of the event is fairly simple. There are two different matches, an Aggregate Match and the Championship Match. We will shoot the second gun for the Aggregate Match on Friday, April 27nd, and the Championship Match on Saturday, April 28rd. The Aggregate Match is an optional match for those who wish to fire a second gun of a different type/configuration. For example, an Open Class Gun in the Championship, and a Metallic or Production Class Gun in the Aggregate Match, going through the same courses of fire. The Aggregate Match combines the Championship scores on Saturday with the second gun scores on Friday for separate awards.

The Aggregate match will begin at 8:00 a.m. and last most of the day. The Championship Match will be shot on Saturday, starting at 8:00 a.m. and firing will last until about 4:00 p.m. Awards take another two hours or so, maybe longer, depending upon the number of competitors.

All four events are fired simultaneously with squads of competitors rotating through the events until everyone has fired all events.

What to Expect:

The main match is the Championship Match and consists of the Practical Event, the Barricade Event, the Moving Target Event and the Falling Plates Event. This match will be shot on Saturday, and we hope to have in excess of 100 competitors at this match. Although the Bianchi Cup used to offer an Aggregate Match, we kept it because we feel it really puts the competitors through their paces. This is similar to an Iron Man competition, where the competitor fires one type of gun in the Championship Match and a different type in the Aggregate Match. The "second gun" refers to the type of firearm used in the Aggregate Match. An Open Gun is one that can be modified almost to any level. Typically, an Open Gun will have scopes or red dots sights and other external modifications. Metallic Sight guns can have most external modifications, but can not have a scope of any kind. Production Guns cannot have any external modifications. Essentially, the only thing that can be done to a Production Gun is an action job.

Kevin Angstadt Shoots His Custom Pistol at Crawfish Cup

There are separate classifications, awards, amd national records for each Gun Type. Therefore, we offer an Aggregate Match in conjunction with the Championship Match. The scores using the Primary Gun (Championship) and the Secondary Gun (Aggregate Match are combined, and separate awards are given. Many shooters feel that it makes it worthwhile to shoot two guns if they are coming from a long way for a match, and we agree, so why not give them the best match possible? We limit the number of competitors in the Aggregate Match to 40 for now.

More than anything, we hope that our competitors have a great time. The folks that own the restaraunt where we have our event dinner typically brings out his big smoker and cooks during the event. It's an opportunity for shooters of all levels to get together, pit their skills againt each other, learn from each other, and visit with friends that may not have seen each other in a while. It's a time where we see the best of the best compete in a great sport, and we look forward to you being there!

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